Pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy represents a very special and exciting period in woman´s life during which many physical, psychological and hormonal changes take place. All moms-to-be need strength, endurance, flexibility, but also inner calm, balance, relaxation, intuition and ability to release tension.

One of the best ways to prepare for childbirth is PREGNANCY YOGA. It allows future moms to get to know their own bodies and more importantly to follow their intuition. Pregnancy yoga focuses on both, a complex physical birth preparation (opening the pelvis, work with pelvic floor, relaxing, training and stretching related musculature) as well as all mental components of preparing for birth (mental relaxation, gaining connection to the baby, filling up with inner energy). Furthermore our moms gain plentiful information regarding postures – whether those useful during birth itself, or those aimed at reducing pain and stress in the critical parts of the body.

Another useful practice, that can help you prepare for the big day is HYPNOBIRTHING. Without patronizing future moms about childbirth (which for women is an inborn and natural ability) it teaches moms-to-be how to remain calm, relaxed and fully concentrated for the duration of the birth. This method works away fear, tension and stress, helping to achieve a much more fluent, quicker and less painful birth process.

For those of you, who wish to help their body to recover after giving birth and relax too while doing so, I offer POSTNATAL YOGA WITH BABIES courses. Here you can get back in shape, in a warm atmosphere, enjoying sublime music and most of all a close contact with your baby.

Having studied further methods helping to ease childbirth and make the whole experience more enjoyable I also offer Doula services during birth preparation.