With the baby brought safely to this world, the moms face new life challenges. When a woman becomes a mother, she feels something tremendously meaningful has just happened to her. To use the well known words: When a child is born, a mother is also born. With the new life role come new changes – changes of her body, her responsibilities, her priorities. Her body needs to recover and regain its former strength.
Postnatal yoga can be a useful tool in the mother’s reconvalescence. It helps to gain new strength and stability while relaxing the psyche. Moms can start postnatal yoga practice 6-8 weeks after the birth (later, if following a Caesarean section). It is also important to let the body to regenerate and recover immediately after the birth (however, work with pelvic floor is most welcome during this period). Postnatal yoga concentrates on strenghtening the pelvic floor and your whole body, stretching the shortened muscles, correct breathing and relaxing the body and mind in unison.
The baby can accompany its mom to the class and, depending on its mood, join in the practice. Moms concentrate during the techniques not only on their movements and breathing, but also on their babies, devoting proper attention to kisses and caresses.