Prenatal yoga is a pregnancy exercise dedicated to future moms. It uses gentle and careful movements, breathing techniques and meditation helping the woman to keep her energy in balance, which is the very key to a healthy body and mind. Pregnancy yoga deepens the inner communication between mom and her baby and its practice intensifies the perception of this unique connection.

At the same time, prenatal yoga helps future moms handle several (often unexpected) changes they are to experience in the coming months. Its effects on the back are known to be extraordinary, it also stimulates the pelvic floor, improving blood circulation. While fortifying the body and helping to prevent several issues (varicose veins, sciatica, back pain, edema…), it also brings inner balance and peace of mind. Prenatal yoga practice works positively throughout the whole pregnancy, helps with the delivery and heals during the postpartum period.

Proper breathing forms an inseparable part of all yogas (you get familiar with your own breath, learn to perceive it and utilize its potential), but only within pregnancy yoga does it play a role of such importance. This is partially due to the inherent nature of the practice, but also because pranayama techniques help mother (and child) receive more oxygen during pregnancy and reduce pain and ease the delivery by focusing and regulating her breathing. Pregnancy can be regarded as an ideal milestone in woman´s life to start with yoga.

Pregnancy yoga is a very gentle exercise respecting all changes a mom-to-be experiences. It is suitable for all pregnant women who do not have any serious health issues. Before you start to exercise, please make sure to get the advice of your doctor if you can proceed or not.

Those moms-to be, who do not have any previous yoga experience are welcome to join in too. Particular exercises can be modified to fully suit the different physical fitness levels of the trainees.

A prenatal yoga class lasts 60 minutes and has three parts:

  • Asanas (positions, poses)
  • Pranayama (breathing exercises)
  • Relaxation

In pregnancy yoga asanas are linked together in a dynamically performed series in order to improve blood circulation. This means, that there are several repetitions first, then the particular position is held for 2 to 3 breaths. Breathing also differs that used in classic yoga disciplines and serves as a preparation for birth.

Work with pelvic floor is an integral part of prenatal yoga. These simple exercises play a very important role during pregnancy and help to prevent issues such as prolapse of organs or urinary incontinence and generally contribute to a faster recovery.

Breathing exercises – pranayama – reteaches moms how to breathe and how to use the respiratory apparatus to help the body get rid of toxins. Proper breathing moreover affects how well blood and oxygen are delivered to various parts of the body. The golden rule here is: if you can manage your breathing you can manage stress, pain and psychic strain. This is why pranayama is quintessential in the preparation for the birth of a baby. During the lessons, moms-to-be will learn several different types of pranayama, that they can actively use also after the birth of their baby.

The final relaxation lasts approximately 5 minutes, during which the moms-to-be relax and communicate with their babies.