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How do I sign up for a gravidyoga (pregnancy yoga) course?
Please send us an email to harmonymama.info@gmail.com and let us know your name, phone number, pregnancy week and/or your scheduled birth date and what items on our schedule fit your needs the most. The schedule of our classes can be found here: http://gravidjoga.sk/en/courses/ I will give you a call.
Can I come and try out one class and just pay for that day visit?
Absolutely. You will need to call in advance at: 0949 481 246. We will be happy to include you, limited only by the room available, so that all are comfortable.
Do I need to bring anything to my pregnancy yoga class?
No, you only need to dress in your favorite clothes, that allow freedom of movement and provide enough comfort, when exercising. You can practice either barefoot or wearing socks. You don't need to bring a mat.
From what week can I start my pregnancy yoga practice and when is the right time to stop?
Generally any woman can start around cca. the 3rd pregnancy week provided she feels well and is healthy. In case you're used to moving around actively prior to getting pregnant we can discuss possible scenarios in person. I recommend practicing pregnancy yoga up to the birth - also in cases, where the baby decides to wait a bit before coming to the world.
Do I need to have any previous yoga experience when I want to do pregnancy yoga?
No, you don't need any history of excercise to have a fulfilling pregnancy yoga practice.
How long does a course take?
Each course takes one calendar month to complete followed by a new course each month. This allows you to enjoy and benefit from a continuous practice until the very birthdate.
What is HypnoBirthing?
HypnoBirthing is a unique birth preparation method that allows all moms-to-be to embrace their natural instincts and lead themselves to a safer, easier and more comfortable birth. (read on)
How do I sign up for a HypnoBirthing course?
Please send us a mail at harmonymama.info@gmail.com with your name, phone number, your pregnancy week and/or your scheduled birth date.
How long does a prenatal course teaching the method of HypnoBirthing last?
Hypnobirthing courses usually take one full day (morning till evening) and tend to happen on Saturdays.
In what week of my pregnancy is it a good idea to participate in a HypnoBirthing course?
The course is suitable for any period during your pregnancy, with maybe the most suitable time being the beginning or the first half of the second trimester.